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Here in Bordeaux

Week 10 - 2023 is Women’s Week

To all who work on board, or who help the seafarers do their job.

samedi 8 avril 2023, par Claude Vidaillac

Bassens on 03/14/203

Dear Seafarers,

Last week was Women’s Week, this is a belated message to all those of you who work on board, or who help the seafarers do their job. Here in Bordeaux, we have Hélène, in charge of Maritime Affairs (Government body) ; Maude, in charge of the relationships between the companies working with the port and the port ; Marianne, in charge of the grain silo at Bassens ; Mathilde, whom you may meet on board, she is a shipping agent, (and you may come accross Marianne and Mathilde at the Seamen’s Club,) Florence, who works for the Seamen’s Club, Yolande and Annie, who are volunteers at the Seamen’s Club, and so many others, all over the country, and all over the world.

On one photo, you will see members of the crew of the Bougainville (French cruise ship) playing babyfoot.

A special greeting to Sylvi, in Le Havre, ship-visiting chaplain for the Deusche Seeman’s Mission. We all have our competence to offer, and perhaps a special touch in our relationships with others.
The music is Aretha Franklin « My Way », and may we remind you that there is research going on about the conditions of women on board.
You have an opportunity to say your mind, hopefully it can help to change what needs to be !

All the best to you.